Easter egg hunt 2Now I know I said I would be dedicating my blog to spring detoxification for March and April, but I just had to sneak this Easter blog in 🙂 Plus, it does still fit into the category of detoxification by way of eliminating unhealthy chocolate and junk foods from your Easter holiday.

I want to share with you the Easter egg hunt that the “Easter Bunny” put on for our son, nephew and nieces last year.  It was a hit….and it didn’t include one ounce of candy or chocolate. How did he do it (assuming the Easter Bunny is a he)?

  • A note was hidden for the kids that detailed the rules of the egg hunt (see picture to right); the bottom of the note was sealed as it contained the final clue to be given once all the eggs were locatedEaster egg hunt
  • Plastic (re-usable) coloured Easter eggs (instead of chocolate) were hidden all over our yard (can also be done inside)
  • Once all the Easter eggs were found, the kids were given a final clue leading them to their Easter presents
  • The clue told them that inside each of the Easter eggs were letters that would spell out where they would find the Easter basket full of surprises
  • Once the letters were unscrambled to spell the word “stroller”, the kids found the Easter basket full of goodies (which can be filled with any number of fun gadgets & toys, such as the bubbles and nerf guns the Easter Bunny chose for our basket last year)

Our (chocolate-free) egg hunt was a huge hit, but try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Happy, Healthy Easter!