Halloween Hangover: the act of being sick from eating too much candy.

If this sounds like you or your children, never fear, the cure is here!

Step 1: Get rid of all the leftover candy.  Halloween comes once a year, so why not let loose and enjoy it, as well as all the candy that comes with it!  The problem is when Halloween is over, there are still tons of treats lying around.  Make sure to either throw away, give away, or stash that candy away (save it for decorating gingerbread houses at Christmas); do anything but keep it out in the open where it will continue to get eaten.

Step 2: Make a trade.  If your child is resistant to getting rid of their candy, compromise by allowing them to choose 3 more treats from their treat bag and have them trade the rest to you in return for something else they love.  For example, tell your child you will get them one of their favourite figurines, or you will take them to a movie, or whatever it is that you know your child loves (that does not include candy or junk food!)  Explaining that treats are unhealthy for them and allowing them to choose an alternative will go a long way.

Step 3: Cure the Hangover.  Now that the excess treats are gone, let’s deal with the task at hand….the candy hangover we are all experiencing.  This “hangover” is simply due to fluctuations in blood sugar levels; you get a major spike in blood sugar when eating a sugar-filled treat (which can lead to increased hyperactivity, anxiety and agitation), and a major crash in blood sugar afterwards (which can lead to fatigue, low mood, shakiness, nausea and headaches).

To stabilize blood sugar be sure to get back to a healthy diet, with an emphasis on protein, the day after Halloween.  Consuming protein (healthy sources include lean meats, fish, beans, nuts & seeds) with a meal ensures that sugar gets absorbed into the bloodstream at a slower and more prolonged rate, decreasing that spike in blood sugar and impending crash afterwards.  This is important to remember for next Halloween as well, as eating a healthy, protein-rich dinner before diving into Halloween candy will help prevent the Halloween Hangover.

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Hope you had a roaring good Halloween!