reflection 1You have almost reached the end of your detox!  Take the time now to look back at the progress you have made, and to look forward to your plans for the future.   It’s important to recognize the progress you’ve made during this detox, to make note of the changes you’ve seen in yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, and above all remember to be proud of yourself!   We so often forget to take in our accomplishments and instead just move on to the next day or the next thing without reflecting on the good we’ve done.  Feel proud of yourself in the same way you would feel proud of a friend or family member, you deserve that same compassion and encouragement!

Once you’ve done some reflecting, take some time to think about the future.  What will you take from this detox?  Will it be incorporating some of the recipes into your meal plans, continuing on with some hydrotherapy (like hot/cold showers…I know you all loved these!), or simply drinking more water & minimizing sugar?  It could be a small change or a big one (if you’re ready for it), but the important part is to try to incorporate something into your daily living.  In this way, as you repeat the detox each spring you will gain 1 new good habit each year, which will add up to big changes in the long run!

Making it to the end of this detox, you’ll likely notice your mind is much clearer, thoughts are more focused and your mood is more positive.  If you’re feeling you want to capitalize on this and continue challenging yourself, here are some great books to keep you going:


Great job!

See you all next year?!

Dr. Alison