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This 6-session package provides you with a comprehensive initial consultation and 6 BER sessions, along with recommendations to ensure you’re feeling relief.

It’s been specifically created to help you recover from environmental and physical stressors. Stressors impacting proper digestion, food sensitivities, environmental sensitivities and skin reactions.

We’ll be using bio-feedback testing, BER, and nutrition to help you experience symptom relief and cellular homeostasis.

This package is a cost effective way to get started in overcoming your health and wellness concerns.


Mini Love is a 21 Day stress-less program. It teaches you how to use smart, modern methods to get a handle on that out of control feeling and start fuelling your best self.

You get live group support and engaging daily tools to go from feeling stressed, to feeling Zen.

Enrolment for this legendary experience is fast approaching!

LK Method

The Loving Kindness (LK) Method is the worlds best mind-body health transformation program. It incorporates the latest in nutrition, mind-body medicine, and bioenergetics to empower you to overcome the negative impact of stress.

Enrolment for this legendary experience only happens a few times per year.

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