I’m welcoming myself back to my blog after a long holiday; on January 21st of this year I welcomed my second son into the world and decided to spend the first 6 months of his life focused on him (and of course his older brother who wouldn’t dare let me lose focus of him!)  As a result, I stepped away from my office (with the help of three great Doctors: Kamerin MathesonKaty Howard and Howie Owens) and from all social media.  But, time flies and now I’m back in office and back on the social media scene so be sure to keep an eye out for more frequent blogs to come.

I’ve known for the last few months that I wanted my first blog back to be on the one thing I found most helpful after giving birth; not only did it improve my energy immensely, speed recovery time and boost my mood, but I also have bloodwork to prove the amazing benefits it had on my system as a whole!  The topic I’m referring to, and HIGHLY RECOMMEND to all expectant mothers, is placenta encapsulation.

Now I know some of you are already thinking “weird” or “interesting but not for me” but please read on as I try to convince you otherwise; I knew this blog would likely raise a few eyebrows, but I wanted to do it anyways in order to inform women on just how much this could benefit them.

Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation:

These are the personal benefits I saw, but given the fact that I did not encapsulate my first son’s placenta (and therefore have a good comparison) as well as the fact that I have bloodwork to back up my findings, I feel that these are all valid points worth sharing.

#1.  Increase in iron (ferritin), hemoglobin & platelets, as well as a reduction of MPV (mean platelet volume).  As you can see in the chart below, all of these values were out of range for me at 7 months pregnant.  When I received these results, I did what every Naturopath would do, I began treating myself with every modality possible!  I mostly focused on diet and supplementation, but I was very strict with my plan and I stuck to it.  My blood work 6 weeks later was positive as all of my values were returning to normal and my iron had gone up 12 points (which I thought was great to have happen in 6 weeks while pregnant and growing a baby)……BUT it wasn’t until I had my blood retested at 6 weeks post-partum that I realized how amazing the placenta pills were!  My values all made huge jumps in the right direction and my blood work was perfect (as was my energy and mood to go along with it).  I’m so happy to have these values to be able to show the difference between supplementing iron along with dietary changes (which has a positive effect) and supplementing with placenta pills (which has a PROFOUNDLY positive effect).  I can only imagine what other positive lab values would come of this if I had thought to have them done at the time as well.


Lab Values (Normal Ranges)


7 months pregnant

8 ½ months pregnant (after supplementing with iron and enriching my diet) 6 weeks post-partum (nearing the end of placenta pills)
Ferritin (80-300 ug/L) 14 26 115
Hemoglobin (115-155 g/L) 110 119 133
Platelets (145-400 x 10E9/L) 128 144 161
Mean Platelet Volume (7.4-11.3 fl) 12.6 13.5 11.5

Other benefits I noticed included (but were not limited to):

#2. Improves energy and libido.

#3. Boosts mood and helps to rebalance hormones.

#4. Speeds recovery time.

#5. Helps with milk production.

How Do I Go About Encapsulating My Placenta?

Well, either you have an amazing and wonderful husband like myself who will do it for you (it does take some guts so I felt he deserved some praise here!) or you can get on google and find someone in your area that will do it for you if you think your partner may get a little queasy (don’t expect to do it yourself, you’ll be busy caring for yourself and your newborn).  There are usually doulas around (birth support partners) that will take your placenta and return it encapsulated for you for around $200 which I believe is a steal of a deal for all the benefits you will reap from them!

How do I Take my Placenta Pills?

I decided to take a fairly large dose of 3 pills, 3 times daily for the first 2 weeks and then reduced to 3 pills, twice daily for the remainder.  This gave me about 6 weeks worth of pills. Although, if I were to do it again I would recommend taking 2 pills, 3 times daily for the first two weeks, then reduce to 2 pills, twice daily for the remainder.  I believe this way you still reap all the same benefits but have them last longer.

To Sum if Up:

I hope I’ve intrigued you with this topic so that it will continue to be put forth.  As I said earlier, I wrote this blog with future expectant mothers in mind.  I truly believe this could be beneficial to so many of them, especially those with any history of post-partum depression, low iron, low platelets, insufficient milk production, and so on.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, there are many things we can do to support a post-partum woman and this is just one of them.  If you have any questions about Naturopathic Medicine and how it can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Excited to be back!

All the best,

Dr. Alison