spring into springAfter my last post “Ho Ho Slowww Down” I think I took my own advice a little too well as my blogging went by the wayside.  But spring is on it’s way (only 17 more days, March 20th to be exact) and I have a renewed sense of ambition! I look forward to spring for so many reasons, the warmer weather and longer daylight hours being obvious factors; but beyond that
I look forward to spring because I love how I feel after my spring detox!

Every spring my husband and I embark on a 10-day detox that includes a clean, healthy, hypoallergenic diet and additional supplementation to support liver and digestive health.  Supporting these organs during detoxification is IMPERATIVE (which is why it’s important to talk to a qualified healthcare practitioner before embarking on a detox) because they are ‘organs of elimination’ and are therefore needed to excrete any toxins or waste that gets freed up during the detoxification process.

For example, think of doing a detox as “bagging your garbage” and think of an optimally functioning liver and digestive tract as being garbage can
“the garbage men”; if you detoxify (i.e. bag your garbage) without an optimally functioning liver or digestive tract (i.e. without a garbage man), you will be freeing up toxins without providing them with a way out (i.e. your garbage won’t be collected and taken away).

On the other hand, if you support your liver and digestive tract, you will be sure to EXCRETE all the waste that gets freed up, leaving you feeling CLEANSED & REVITALIZED!

All this month I will be posting detox-friendly recipes, facts about detoxification, as well as tips on how and why to do a spring detox so be sure to check back.  I’m also running a 10-day detox starting March 20th so if you’re interested in trying it out or have any questions, please contact me, I’m more than happy to help.

Happy almost Spring 🙂