With school back in and winter fast approaching, cold and flu season is in full swing!  This means that your immune health is more important than ever because a healthy immune system means a stronger defensive system against all of those nasty bugs (I like to describe the immune system a “shield”; how good do you think you’d do in battle without your shield? Not very well!  Just as you won’t fare well against all those cold and flu viruses without a strong immune system.)

So, what ivitamin Ds the most important vitamin you can take this winter to optimize your immune system?

Vitamin D!

Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin” as it’s produced when your skin is exposed to the sun, is a safe and natural way to boost your immunity.

What are the immune benefits of Vitamin D?

  • Vitamin D modulates immune function and helps to fight infection
  • Vitamin D is crucial to T cell activation (T cells are part of the immune system that destroy infected cells)
  • Insufficient blood levels of vitamin D has been proven to lead to significantly more colds & flu viruses

How Much Vitamin D Should I Take?

Throughout the late fall and winter months, I generally recommend that adults take 2000 IU/day and children take 400 IU/day (that said, it’s always recommended to talk to your Naturopathic Doctor before starting any vitamins or supplements).  It’s also important to note that vitamin D is more important to supplement in the winter months because of decreased exposure to the sun during that time.

Along with vitamin D, there are others ways to ensure a strong immune system such as a healthy diet, minimizing sugar intake and engaging in regular physical activity.  For individualized immune support or for treatment of acute illnesses this winter, please feel free to contact me 🙂

Yours in health & happiness,

Alison Parsons, BSc, ND
Naturopathic Doctor